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The Cohort’s reflections on COVID-19

Song ‘Save the World’

As social researcher who believes in using music as a potent tool to communicate my ideas and research outcomes, I did the attached song (audio-video) titled, SAVE THE WORLD as a way of playing my own part in complimenting the effort of state actors in sensitising the populace about the key Infection Prevention and Control measures (IPC) to break the chain of transmissions.

This audio-video which is dedicated to all health care workers on the frontline, is widely played in Sierra Leone during T.V and radio programmes on discussions around Covid-19, this song has been very much useful in spreading the message of regular hand washing, social distancing and a need for a collective effort and global unity if we must succeed in this fight against this deadly monster (Corona Virus).

– Martin –

Human is not an Obnoxious Creature

The World is coming to a halt now,

Seeing the healing nature, I feel, human is a monster somehow.

Whether it is branded clothes or multinational deals, everything is in vain,

However now everybody is longing for peace to obtain.

Standing at the edge of life and death time,

And introspecting at the present moment, finally I realize what is mine.

Let’s take a pledge of protecting our mother nature,

Proving again that human is not an obnoxious creature.


#Social Distancing


Featued image – Photo by Brian McGowan on Unsplash

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The Durham GCRF-CDT students focused on productive writing at Dove Marine (Newcastle University) on the coast of Cullercoats. They used their time to prepare for their Formal Progression Review. This requires the students to submit for assessment a substantive piece of work as defined by their departments. The structured programme included a break with an outdoor activity.

A member of the Durham Centre for Academic Development facilitated the event for the CDT.

The Durham Global Challenges CDT Trip 2019

On 1st July 2019 the Durham Global Challenges-CDT organised a trip to the Angel of the North, Bamburgh, Seahouses and the Farne Islands. The trip offered a unique cultural learning experience of English heritage in North East England and provided an opportunity to network and socialise with the cohort.

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The video visualizes the yield comparison of rice production after flooding in rice fields, to the left IR64 including sub1, to the right IR64 without sub1

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